You tell us what. We’ll show you how.
Everyone's idea of Freedom is different. Some are wildly inspiring. Others, not so much. But let's face it - yours is the one that matters right now. And right now is the time to start making it happen. Maybe your Freedom is taking a year off to backpack across Asia or volunteering part time at an animal shelter.

It all starts with having the financial power to do it your way. And a Freedom 55 Financial security advisor can show you how.
A man and his son having a special moment in a museum while a dinosaur pokes his head around the hall. Is this your idea of Freedom?

Visiting Europe's great museums:
Cost depends on the number
of stars on your hotel

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Scale model T. Rex
in museum shop:

Post-secondary education
10 years from now:

$70,000 if he lives at home and packs a lunch Lots more if he stays in residence

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Man living out his dream of scuba diving with sharks, in a shark cage. Is this your idea of Freedom?

Scuba tank refill:

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Diving certification lessons:
$275 with a pro
Free at the resort

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Life insurance:

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Living near a reef:
$200,000 for a condo
$75,000 for a vacation cottage

You'll need a plan
A woman wearing a playful outfit with rubber boots and a tutu, enjoys a walk with her horse through the countryside. Is this your idea of Freedom?

Veterinary care:
$300 a year for basic shots, etc.

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Devoting yourself to animal welfare without pay:

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Local dance instructor $15 a class
National school $13,000 a year
Just wearing the outfit for fun $60

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Great wide open:
At least $50,000 per acre near a city
Maybe $600 per acre
in the middle of nowhere

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Buying a horse:
$300 to $3 million, depending on who its parents are

You'll need a plan
Woman playing a grand piano on a barge on a beautiful lake while the sun sets around her. Is this your idea of Freedom?”

Moving to a cottage to
discover your muse:

Low of $75,000
Average of $450,000 to a high of, well, really high

You'll need a plan

Marching to the beat
of a different drum:

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Grand piano:
$50,000 to buy
$250 a month to rent

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Recording a song demo:
Free on your laptop
in a good, basic studio

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Piano tuning:
More in humid conditions

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